About us


In 2011, we set out to achieve a goal; to address and improve the challenges experienced by casual and chronic patients in support of their health care management.

We embarked on the integration, on one hand of conventional and clinically proven medicines and, on the other, innovative therapeutic means whose evidence-based benefits mandated their assimilation into usage within a holistic approach in order to offer treatment solutions. We coupled this approach with the vast knowledge and experience of qualified health professionals.

This resulted in a new pharmaceutical firm that combined passion with expertise, in an effort to improve the health care management of patients in a sustainable way.

All of us at Medaxis pride ourselves on our commitment to find and maintain the search for the best available medications, nutritional supplements and vitamin combinations to improve human health, submitting to three primary pillars of a directive:

  • clinically validated
  • evidence-based
  • affordability
innovation for better health

Pioneering solutions, exploring advancements, and empowering well-being through cutting-edge pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

uncompromising quality

Excellence in every product, from sourcing to manufacturing, ensuring safety, reliability, and exceptional standards of healthcare.

sustainable wellness

Nurturing well-being responsibly, fostering long-term health for individuals and the environment, committed to a healthier future.

Why Choose Us?

Medaxis is an ideal partner

for both the medical professionals as well as the corporate partners with whom it cooperates.

The human resources of Medaxis is a group of professionals that since 1998 has developed substantial relationships with health care professionals. The experience of over 20 years gives us a unique competitive advantage, primarily insight into market needs now and in the future.

Our mission is to support the changing and growing needs of human health throughout our lives through innovative, clinically proven ingredients and food supplements.

Our philosophy is to ensure the highest quality of people’s lives. We combine the history of the wisdom of nature with the rigorous data of science to provide natural, pure and clinically studied ingredients.

Our commitment is to continue to support science.

Our herbal ingredients

Have been clinically studied and have been shown to be effective as a dietary source in clinical trials in humans.


Are subject to rigorous scientific analysis with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment under conditions certified according to the rules of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).


Are grown under close supervision and in accordance with strict quality assurance procedures.